We drive innovation with analytics. Since 2012 we’ve been developing predictive analytic solutions for various types of municipal applications – notably waste water systems. 

We have multiple commercial deployments across the Netherlands, notably cities of Breda and Roosandaal. We are advising the cities of Utrecht on sewage system data acquisition, storage and SCADA usage. And the city of Hertogenbosch on automation of waste-water systems.

  • Smart waste water solutions
  • Urban process automation (city lighting, infrastructure monitoring, air quality)
  • City asset risk management

About Us

In order for municipalities and water authorities to proactively manage their networks they need data; they need real-time data; and they need the correct real-time data. 

In addition, they need the tools and technology to correctly analyze, synthesize and process this data to make adjustments capacity utilization as well as and to optimize maintenance and servicing. Predictive analytics.


The Company History – Founded by the Microsoft veteran Jan-Jaap van Roon in 2010, iRECKON Water quickly evolved from bespoke, project-based solutions provider to a product-based software company, leveraging the core software platform it developed along the way.


Awards & Industry Recognition – iRECKON Water has won a number of awards. Recognized for its Innovative Concepts. Winner of IoT Challenge Amsterdam. Winner of the EuroCloud Award partnering with the City Council of Breda.

We have been awarded several R&D grants to support our innovative development in the public sector.

In 2015, iRECKON won the prestigious Microsoft Government Solution Partner of the Year award. Learn more here



Products & Services

iRECKON Water has three core products and a services division. Each product enables multiple solutions to help municipalities diagnose, manage and maintain water systems.

Sensor Ring Platform

  • Patented flow-sensor
  • Embedded control
  • Analytics software

Addressable market: all municipal water authorities both waste- and clean water networks)

Business Cases: Optimized maintenance -know what and where to invest in maintenance.  Lower pipe and pump failure rates. Identify illegal waste and properly tax their sources.

Business Model: Platform as a Service (PaaS) “€1 per ring per month”

Predictive Analytics Platform

  • Input: Multi-dimensional input data sets. Machine Learning (‘AI’)
  • Output: Asset failure mode analysis and prediction.

Addressable market: A wide range of fixed assets: water, energy distribution, city lighting, production plants, transport networks.

Business Case: More effective and efficient asset management, increased up-time of network and nodes identify ‘weak spots’ in network. Pro-active preventative maintenance.

AI-Driven fault detection and measuring system

  • Input: Software interfaces to existing pipeline camera/fault detection systems (example: BUCHEN)
  • Output: EN13508/2 format

Addressable market: Any applications where feeds from robo-camera are manually analyzed (waste-clean-water networks).

Business Case: 10x increase in speed of diagnosis. Fewer errors in fault detection. Lower cost of miss-rates. Lower labor costs -less human visual inspection needed.  Enhanced job quality and job satisfaction.

Consulting Services

We offer end to end strategic and technical advice all the way to project management and execution. Our clients, mostly municipalities seek support across various asset-types, including deployment and data analysis, synthesis and prognosis and recommendations.

Currently, we are advising the cities of Utrecht on sewage system data acquisition, storage and SCADA usage. In addition we are advising the city of Hertogenbosch on automation of waste-water systems.


Haarlemmermeer into business Ireckon are finalists in the 2015 computable awards-2015 .    read more…


Dutch IT Channel Ireckon winners of Microsofts Partner of the Year Award 2015         read more…



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“iRECKON is a company which develops innovative smart water systems. In doing so, they work with very interesting and complementary partners. iRECKON team challenges the industry thinking, driving innovation  and new perspectives on smart city systems among  regional and even European grantor bodies.

As a company, iRECKON has an open culture which makes working with them very pleasant. Their open attitude makes it easy to communicate regarding our mutual projects which has enhanced our cooperation.” Liesbeth Kraajiveld, Innovencio


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Microsoft Awards Partnering with Microsoft, Ireckon is growing in nomination and recognitions across awards read more…


Computable Award Nomination With a strong footing in the water sector, iReckon continue to progress into more award nominations read more…


Customers & Deployments

We have live deployments of iPredict and iRing in two Dutch “smart” cities –Breda and Roosendaal 
  • One example of iPredict analytics platform is Waterakkers, in the City of Breda. Waterakkers a natural water storage and filtering system in an urbanized wetland. This is one of the Urban Living Labs’ projects which we are involved in. 

    These areas are now undergoing a transition now to “smart” Waterakkers where all data from the area and surroundings are being linked and connected.  

    This data is then used for predictive maintenance and predictive control of the water system. Read our White Paper here

  • iRing is deployed in two pilot projects in two municipalities. The first, in Roosendaal where iRing has been deployed in a waste-water network. The second, in Breda where two such projects have been deployed.

    The sensor-ring not only measures fluid characteristics like volumetric-flow, temperature differentials, levels, and conductivity. It will also measure vibration and deformation of pipes.  IRECKON’s Software Platform has been implemented to provide analytics, dashboard visualization, and open, publicly-available data. 

    OP Zuid European Regional Development Fund (ERFD) research grants awards for these projects.

  • City of Roosendaal set up the “smart-city” project called 3D Living Lab Roosendaal (“LLR”). 

    Using iRECKON Water software platform, we built up 3D visualizations of various city assets.

    The LLR is an open test-bed environment on which new so-called “smart-city” concepts can be tested in the urban environment using sensors, links, applications and visualizations.  The LLR is a development environment for smart-city developers or companies that want to develop or test an idea.   Media Coverage here.

  • Risk-analysis and risk-mitigation of different of municipal asset can be done using the iPredict application. Together with iSAGO we offer the following services:

    • Modeling and analytics
    • Predictive maintenance & control
    • Data harvesting & dash-boarding
    • Risk assessment and advisory
    • Improvement in asset management using new developed IP (i.e. sensors, pumps, SCADA solutions)
  • In 2013, a train traveling through Wetteren (Belgium) carrying chemicals derailed and caught fire, killing one and forcing hundreds to flee their homes as deadly fumes spread.

    As a result of this disaster, the City of Breda wanted to investigate the impact of a similar disaster in their city. To achieve this Breda set up a project involving a number of participants in a consortium including technical universities.  iRECKON and iSAGO were the key players in this project.

    Using iPredict platform, a new algorithmic model was built to predict the effects of a disaster to measure the speed and velocities vectors of toxic fluids and gases as they spread via the sewage systems.

    We also re-calibrated the predictive models which Breda was using to provide new insights and recommendation. These are used today as part of their daily operations.

    iRECKON Water won the Eurocloud Award in 2015 for this project. read more…

Contact Us

We are located within the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, colocated alongside iReckonU, another division of iReckon Holding BV focused in hospitality Smart Solutions.